Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning

Been thinking about doing a bunch of covers. Here's a version of The Lockettes doing Sunday Morning by No Doubt. Tragic Kingdom was the first CD I ever owned. I always thought this song was really good, but hated the ska elements. So I thought I'd ditch the ska and kick it in to slow-mo.

The Lockettes - Sunday Morning (No Doubt) by DistantShores

Monday, June 7, 2010

(The) Sweeter (Song) Virtual 7"

More Lockettes stuff. Here's a virtual 7" of the song "Sweeter" although, I now refer to this as 'The Sweeter Song'. I later donated the smoking hot guitar riff to the rock band I play in. All the Lockettes songs are mostly about high school and what goes on there, kind of why I didn't think it fit the vibe of the DS stuff.

It's backed with a Lockettes demo of a song called "Telling Me Why". The story behind the b-side being a 'demo' is that I got my casio keyboard (that can be heard all over my earlier stuff) back at my apartment for a few days, but didn't have the drum machine around. So I'm using the drums on the keyboard and playing the keyboard at the same time. And then I never really felt like re-recording it because once I got the drum machine back, the keyboard was off to be used in a studio.

we could get away
I was thinking maybe Sweden
But wouldn't it be sweeter
if we stayed?

Sweeter b/w Telling Me Why (demo) - Virtual 7"

Update on Distant Shores stuff: working on a new album got a handful of songs. Expect drum machine as well as real drums and hella harmonies.

Introducing The Lockettes

Well, here I am again. This is what I was working on post-SUGGESTATION for a while. A girl group called The Lockettes. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to do this, but it worked out pretty well. The only reason these aren't DS songs is because a) at first the songs I had didn't really fit the DS vibe, b) once they started to fit the DS vibe, I thought these songs would sound better sung this way. It's still all me: vox, guitars, drum machines. Most of my equipment was at various rehearsal spaces for a while so there aren't too many tricks going on.

I've got some other stuff on the go, I will post about that later. If this is seen before it's too late: I'm playing a show this wednesday the 9th @ Divan Orange on St. Laurent in Montreal. also playing are Rah Rah and Young Galaxy. I personally plan on hypnotizing the entire room.

Without further delay:

The Lockettes - Sister City

1. Mirror Face
2. This Distance
3. My Halo
4. Famous Advice
5. Sun Roof

double peace