Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Lockettes - CRUCIAL TAUNT

The Lockettes - Crucial Taunt

11 Alter ego pop songs recorded in various bedrooms at various times...

1. The Sweeter Song
2. What I knew
3. My Halo
4. My Pisces
5. Alltimatum
6. Believe Me You
7. Highland Gardens
8. This Distance
9. Famous Advice
10. Mirror Face
11. Catching On

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gonna Have to Come Down Now

Had some stuff in the works. Ditched it. Been doing a bunch of stuff as The Lockettes. Expect a full album of that soon. Many of the songs I was going to put on another album will appear on this new Lockettes album.

Until then herre are two new songs

"What I Knew"
The Lockettes - What I Knew by ChildActor

"Highland Gardens"
The Lockettes - Highland Gardens by ChildActor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"We fear change" - Garth Algar

Decided to change the name of my shit.

I will now be putting the name CHILD ACTOR on everything. Distant Shores wasn't really doing it for me anymore, as it doesn't really fit in with what I'm trying to throw out there. I'm going to probably end up keeping the same myspace url, to avoid any confusion for anyone who comes across it accidentally. The url to this blog will stay the same aswell.

Just the name on the releases and show bills will change.

Speaking of show, just got asked to play at Montreal's Casa del Popolo on Friday the 30th of July. Sed Yes. When I get more details from the bixi-heir.

Have about 5-9 songs for a new album. Gonna drop later this summer.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Greater Divide

This is a new song I've had rolling around for maybe a month. One of the first for the next thing I'm going to make. Maybe a name change? Got the VV Casio back. Used it to stirr up a cauldron or pipe organ witchcraft.

Lackluster vocals masked by a few bliss outs
The Greater Divide by DistantShores

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning

Been thinking about doing a bunch of covers. Here's a version of The Lockettes doing Sunday Morning by No Doubt. Tragic Kingdom was the first CD I ever owned. I always thought this song was really good, but hated the ska elements. So I thought I'd ditch the ska and kick it in to slow-mo.

The Lockettes - Sunday Morning (No Doubt) by DistantShores

Monday, June 7, 2010

(The) Sweeter (Song) Virtual 7"

More Lockettes stuff. Here's a virtual 7" of the song "Sweeter" although, I now refer to this as 'The Sweeter Song'. I later donated the smoking hot guitar riff to the rock band I play in. All the Lockettes songs are mostly about high school and what goes on there, kind of why I didn't think it fit the vibe of the DS stuff.

It's backed with a Lockettes demo of a song called "Telling Me Why". The story behind the b-side being a 'demo' is that I got my casio keyboard (that can be heard all over my earlier stuff) back at my apartment for a few days, but didn't have the drum machine around. So I'm using the drums on the keyboard and playing the keyboard at the same time. And then I never really felt like re-recording it because once I got the drum machine back, the keyboard was off to be used in a studio.

we could get away
I was thinking maybe Sweden
But wouldn't it be sweeter
if we stayed?

Sweeter b/w Telling Me Why (demo) - Virtual 7"

Update on Distant Shores stuff: working on a new album got a handful of songs. Expect drum machine as well as real drums and hella harmonies.

Introducing The Lockettes

Well, here I am again. This is what I was working on post-SUGGESTATION for a while. A girl group called The Lockettes. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to do this, but it worked out pretty well. The only reason these aren't DS songs is because a) at first the songs I had didn't really fit the DS vibe, b) once they started to fit the DS vibe, I thought these songs would sound better sung this way. It's still all me: vox, guitars, drum machines. Most of my equipment was at various rehearsal spaces for a while so there aren't too many tricks going on.

I've got some other stuff on the go, I will post about that later. If this is seen before it's too late: I'm playing a show this wednesday the 9th @ Divan Orange on St. Laurent in Montreal. also playing are Rah Rah and Young Galaxy. I personally plan on hypnotizing the entire room.

Without further delay:

The Lockettes - Sister City

1. Mirror Face
2. This Distance
3. My Halo
4. Famous Advice
5. Sun Roof

double peace

Monday, February 15, 2010


My latest release. Suggestation. This was actually recorded over the summer, and was supposed be "mastered" by a friend. Spent a while waiting on that to happen and realized it wasn't going to happen anytime soon (he's VERY busy). So I've actually been sitting on this for a while.

Distant Shores - Suggestation

Already Gone
No Motivation
Test Pattern
The Hardest Part
(That Thing) Up or Down
The Truth
It's Nothing

Guitars, Drum Machine, Vocals, Effects, Percussion by Distant Shores
All songs by Distant Shores