Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's 3.41 am, wednesday may 20th. I just recorded this song, one take, stream of conscious. The only overdub was percussion. This song was never even written. The heavy breathing and feedback is actually part of a track I recorded over to record this song "Sleepless". That other song is now lost forever, it was called "The Grassy Knoll".

Distant Shores - Sleepless

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This track was recorded on the heels of "Residual Energies". I was pretty content with the keyboard outro that closed RE so I decided to keep that ball rolling on this track. I also thought it'd be a good idea to name the song after the last word said. The 'drums' got pretty lost with everything being bounced so much. 2 guitars, 2 vox, keyboard, makeshift drums.

Distant Shores - Faces

Friday, May 15, 2009

Residual Energies EP

Distant Shores - Residual Energies EP. Recorded in February 2009 entirely in my bedroom in Montreal. I was watching the show Ghost Trackers on YTV one night and some kid who had just walked through a haunted house claimed there were "definitely residual energies in that house. Residual energies being energies left behind by people who have left, but didn't want to leave." I thought it fit in well with the sound of these songs. The photo used as album art is of the two children that used to live beside my parents' house a long time ago. I don't actually know who they are.

Distant Shores - Residual Energies

1. January 16
2. Summer of '83
3. Landscapes
4. Is This the Place?

Smoke And Mirrors EP

The Smoke And Mirrors EP. Recording was split between my parents' house in Hamilton, Ontario and my apartment in Montreal. Some songs such as "JV" and "Rebel Diamonds" were written before the recording of the "Distant Shores" release, but I could never get an arrangement that I liked. The song "Fact Checking" transpired from me deciding to write a boy/girl duet to be sung by myself. For some reason there's alot of talk about the weather on this one.

Distant Shores - "Smoke And Mirrors"

1. The Weather Will Decide
2. Fact Checking
3. The Weather Will Decide II
4. JV
5. Rebel Diamonds
6. Challengers EDIT

Debut: Distant Shores - "Distant Shores"

I've decided that I should probably make all these recordings I do in my apartment available for people to hear. Download them if you're interested. Here is the first release under the Distant Shores moniker simply titled "Distant Shores", recorded in May of 2008. I play all instruments and do all vocals on every track, some tracks were recorded in my bathroom or my bedroom onto a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder.

Distant Shores - "Distant Shores"

Track Listing:
1. To the Coast, In Her Father's Van
2. Play For Keeps
3. Set the Flame
4. Little Shrines
5. Cellar Door
6. Dreams of Hank, Dreams of Paul
7. Your Mother's Rings
8. Parlour Song