Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"We fear change" - Garth Algar

Decided to change the name of my shit.

I will now be putting the name CHILD ACTOR on everything. Distant Shores wasn't really doing it for me anymore, as it doesn't really fit in with what I'm trying to throw out there. I'm going to probably end up keeping the same myspace url, to avoid any confusion for anyone who comes across it accidentally. The url to this blog will stay the same aswell.

Just the name on the releases and show bills will change.

Speaking of show, just got asked to play at Montreal's Casa del Popolo on Friday the 30th of July. Sed Yes. When I get more details from the bixi-heir.

Have about 5-9 songs for a new album. Gonna drop later this summer.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Greater Divide

This is a new song I've had rolling around for maybe a month. One of the first for the next thing I'm going to make. Maybe a name change? Got the VV Casio back. Used it to stirr up a cauldron or pipe organ witchcraft.

Lackluster vocals masked by a few bliss outs
The Greater Divide by DistantShores